About Aunty Jane's 

Aunty Jane’s Cleaning has been providing personalized cleaning services to Brisbane since 2005. We service many areas Brisbane; from Beenleigh to Northlakes and from the Redlands to Jindalee. 

We offer a wide range of domestic cleaning services from regular services, to spring cleaning, Bond and exit cleaning. As well, we offer garden services such as, mowing, weeding and general garden maintenance. 

Jane started out with a small one women office in 2005. Since then, Aunty Jane's has grown into a family run business with an experienced team, who understand the support that a family needs from a domestic service.

Our humble beginnings and perseverance as a tight-knit office of family and friends means our values are at the core of everything we do. At Aunty Jane’s we care about the quality of the services we provide, that’s why team work, communication, excellence, and a caring attitude are central to our philosophy. We emphasize this philosophy with anyone who works for us.  

Our philosophy also goes beyond our client services, extending to all areas of our business. Caring for and supporting our cleaners is central to everything we do. Jane personally interviews and meets all our staff and has made sure our office is setup to always provide support, supervision and extend our experience to anyone who works with us. We look for people who share our policy of delivering service with consistency and professionalism while maintaining client privacy and trust.

We know that our regular clients are looking for a cleaner they can rely on for the long run. Aunty Jane's aims to recruit quality people who can deliver the service that our clients need. In doing this we recognise the need to make sure cleaners are receiving a fare hourly rate of pay, while keeping our prices as low as we can for our clients. By doing this we strive to provide our clients with a regular cleaner who continues to turn up time after time, and can maintain a consistent level of cleaning quality over a long period.

We strive to build the best support system for both cleaners and clients. To do this we focus on providing local cleaners to local clients. By matching cleaners and clients whose ideal service days and times best suit the busy demands of their lives, we hope to foster a working relationship that is a positive one and one that can last for as long as assistance is needed.

We are firm believers in supporting and empowering people to have happy, balanced lives. By striving to find the right cleaner for you and fostering a relationship of respect, we hope to deliver a service you can trust and rely on.  



"She is always on time, very thorough"

I am extremely happy with my cleaner, Gina. She is always on time, very thorough and trust-worthy, and most importantly, Gina is a really nice person and we often chat away together. I am very happy. Thank you.

- Kay

"Happy Customer"

Leanne and Clare came yesterday to clean my house. I thought I would let you know that the were prompt, polite, friendly and did an extremely good job. I hope they continue with you and I hope they continue to clean my house. Thank you. 

- Jen from Camp Hill